Project Description

The Incident:  Social Media Training, Ian Stewart | Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs third baseman Ian Stewart took to Twitter to express his displeasure with his Club. Mr. Stewart was answering questions from fans online late Monday and was asked whether he would return to the Cubs soon. He responded “probably never” before following up with: “I said that be because the cubs are done With me….there (sic) going to let me Rott (sic) in AAA all season and then non tender me after.” He later added: “I meant they might as Well release since I have no shot of a call up….let me Sign elsewhere.” (1)

The Outcome:

Mr. Stewart was suspended without pay for violating the loyalty clause in his contract. (2) Mr. Stewart eventually tweeted an apology, “I just want to apologize to the entire Cubs organization for my comments on Twitter.”

But it was too late to save him from a suspension, and probably too little to save his Cubs career. (3) Additionally, the Club’s GM stated: “It doesn’t exactly help the organization get better to spend the morning dealing with it.” And, “It’s a sensitive subject. I won’t really expand on but I can tell you it was really unprofessional and there’s going to be consequences.” Financial, brand and image damage for Mr. Stewart. Valuable time taken from the organization having to orchestrate damage control.

The SM2 Prescription:

  • SM2 Discovery (preventative)
  • SM2 Policy with Procedures (preventative)
  • SM2 eLearning, assessment and certification (preventative)
  • SM2 Public Relations/Crisis Plan and Tactical Drills (preventative)
  • SM2 Crisis Implementation (protective)

Sources: (1), (3) Chicago Tribune